Tasting in Cincinnati

While on my trip to Cincinnati to visit my in-laws for the 3rd Annual Sell This House Extravaganza, it provided the opportunity to sample some homebrews between my brother-in-law, who taught me how to brew beer, and myself.  Who could ask for a better in-law than the kind that teaches you how to homebrew!?  Mainly I wanted to showcase how far I’ve come during my first year brewing and give him some thanks for getting me started.

He tried my:

  • Bah Humbug Holiday Ale (#3) – A modified Papazian recipe with ginger, cinnamon, and lots of orange peel.
  • Anything But Vanilla Stout (#4) – An Irish Stout flavored with Madagascar vanilla beans.
  • Meg’s Indubitably Dubbel (#5) – Belgian Dubbel with a fruity aroma that is easy going down.
  • Casper’s Extra Pale (#6) – American style Pale Ale with a floral bouquet and good mouthfeel.

I tried his:

  • Honey Kolsch – Soft on the palate sensation but still a great flavor that leaves you wanting more.  A great session beer, perfect for relaxing after a hard days work fixing up the house.
  • Extra Special Bitter – Good aroma, possibly some English overtones and a good hop flavor without being bitter.
  • Chocolate Oatmeal Stout – Damn good.  Dark and roasty with a wholesome oatmeal flavor.  More like this and it may win me over on Oatmeal Stouts.
  • Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout – Not my cup of tea (-;).  It reminded me of a Milk Stout that I had recently.  It had a pungent aroma that wasn’t nearly as abrasive as the taste.

Enjoyed the rest of the weekend working on fixing up their house and brewing our third collaborative brew (a Barley Wine/Barley Little which I’ll post about soon).


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