DIY Magnetic Stir Plate

I made a magnetic stir plate completely from spare parts I had just laying around.  Compare that to a $160 commercial stir plate from one of my favorite online homebrew stores and I saved a bundle!  I grabbed the idea from HomeBrewTalk, but mine is a bit simplified (no power switch or potentiometer).

WARNING: Do not work with electricity unless you follow proper safety precautions!

Stir plate equipment needed:

  • 1 case to mount fan / hold starter
  • 1 computer case fan
  • 1 AC/DC power adapter
  • 1 large rare earth magnet (computer hard drive magnet)
  • hot glue / hot glue gun (used for mounting fan against the roof of the casing)

Stir bar equipment needed:

  • 1 small gauge broken drill bit (or similarly small gauge cylindrical metal object)
  • slightly larger gauge insulated wire
  • hot glue / hot glue gun

Stir Plate Method:

  1. Drill air flow wholes into fan chasis so that the lack of airflow doesn’t burn out the fan
    Computer case fan Airflow holes
  2. Place magnet to the bottom of the fan motor (since it’s a magnet and it’s attaching to an electric motor you shouldn’t need any adhesive)
  3. Hot glue the fan to the top of the casing (making sure the fan is uninhibited from turning and the magnet side is against the case)
  4. Connect the AC/DC adapter to the fan
    Warning: Make sure you use DC output that is compatible for the fan (not too high or you could burn out the fan)
    Optional: If you want a variable speed you can put a potentiometer control inbetween the AC/DC adapter and the fan
  5. Close up your case and plug it in.
    Finished product

Stir Bar:

  1. Cut the wire to size just longer than your small gauge cylindrical metal rod (in my case a broken drill bit)
  2. Remove the conductive metal from the insulated wire
  3. slide cylindrical rod inside plastic insulation
  4. Inject hot glue into the ends to keep water from contacting the metal and causing rust



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  1. Jeff Said:

    Awesome DIY!! Great job! Can’t wait to try it myself. 🙂

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